Ingredient List from past classes

Below are the classes that have been held so far this year and the flowers used in the arrangements for those classes.  The classes are listed in alphabetical order.   For more specifics, please e-mail us at

We start almost all of our arrangements with Variegated Pittosporum greenery.

The Basics:
Kiko roses, blue iris, pink mokara orchids, mini green hydrangeas, Van Dyk tulips from New Jersey
and apidistra leaves in a 4" square.

Beach Beauties:
Arrangement #1:  Rodeo purple hydrangea, mini Monstera leaves, red Ti leaves, shells and decorative sand in a 6" clear lomey dish on top of a 5"x16" glass cylinder.

Arrangement #2:  South American blue hydrangea, sunflowers with green centers and variegated hosta leaves with a green/white calathea leaf wrap.

Bounty of the Harvest:
Gypsy curiosa roses, local red/green hydrnageas, dried lotus pods, mini green hydrangeas, orange freesia, red gloriosa lilies, seeded eucalyptus, brown tomatoes, green pepper, nectarines, dried pomegranates, brassica (ornamental kale) and Coffee Break roses.

Cinco de Mayo:

Flame Peonies, Free Spirit Roses, Blue Hybrid Delphinium, Icelandic Poppies, Purple Lisanthus, 16" tall cylinder vase, 6" clear plastic lomey.

Clever Candlelight: 
Arrangement #1:  5"x10" tall glass cylinder, amber gems, amber submersible LED light, gold metallic wire, yellow cymbidium orchids and a floating candle.

Arrangement #2:  Black long and low plastic tray, orange Mambo spray roses, red sedum, red Mikado spray roses, green Spanish moss and white pre-poured votive candles.

Container Camouflage:
Arrangement #1:  large green cymbidium orchids, Equisetum (horse tail), 5" square

Arrangement #2: South American blue hydrangeas, Sheet moss, Lemon leaf, Aspidistra leaves in a 10" tall cylinder.

Color My World:
Arrangement #1: Circus roses, Clony yellow/red ranunculus, yellow lisianthus is a 5" low cylinder.

or Arrangement #1--  Ocean Song (or cool water) roses, lavender stock, local lilac and purple lisianthus in a 3" by 4" by 6" tall rectangle.

Arrangement #2:  Free Spirit roses, purple lisianthus, purple stock, mini green hydrangeas in a 4" cube.

Contemporary Cool:
Arrangement #1: Picasso (purple) or Mango (orange) or Captain Romance (yellow/orange) calla lilies, mini green hydranegas, trachelium or vanda orchids with aspidistra leaves in a tall rectangle.  3x4x8".

Arrangement #2: White dendrobium orchids, green cymbidium orchids, kangaroo grass and either mini monstera or mini aralia leaves in a 4x12" tall cylinder. 

Design for Entertaining:
Latina (yellow) roses, Mamamia (orange) germini daisies, orange freesia, yellow lisianthus (some classes), Banja luka (orange) tulips, aspidistra leaves, bear grass and green apples in an 8" long and low and two 3" cubes.

Eggstra Special:
Arrangement #1: Clony pink ranunculus, Femma roses, Isle spray roses, mini green hydrangeas, yellow lisianthus and white astrantia in a low cylinder with a pussy willow handle  in a 8" wide by 4" tall cylinder.
Arrangement #2: Wheat grass, mini green hydrangeas, aspidistra leaves, scabiosa pods and green cymbidiums in a 10" long rectangle.

Embellishing Vases:
White South American hydrangeas, white Van Dyk tulips, Tibet roses, mini green hydrangeas, aspidistra leaves and kangaroo grass in a 18" tall cylinder with Paper Source and Michaels paper.

Fruit and Flowers:
Arrangement #1:  White hydrangea, Escimo white roses, mini green hydrangeas, aspidistra leaves, Viburnum berries, limes, green apples and grapes in a 5" cube.

Arrangement #2:  Blue hydrangeas, mini green hydrangeas, lemons and moss in a 5" cylinder.
Glory of the Garden:
Arrangement #1:  Purple scabiosa, white dahlias, dusty millers, thistle, Snow on the Mountain and salvia in a low bowl.
Arrangement #2:  Local blue hydrangeas, yellow zinnias, lismachia, scented geranium, and hosta leaves in a hand-tied bouquet.


Great Greens:
Elephant Ears, Philodendron, Calathea, Lily Grass, scented geranium, Umbrella Fern, Lemon Leaf, Kangaroo grass, Weigela and Hedera.

Hand-tied bridal bouquet:
Vendela roses, White Majolica spray roses, dusty miller, double white freesia, mini green cymbidium orchids, white mini calla lilies and white lisianthus.

Heavenly Hydrangeas:
Arrangement #1:  Rodeo purple hydrangeas, purple double lisianthus, scented geranium foliage and aspidistra leaf wrap. (second class had no lisianthus but purple basil instead).

Arrangement #2: Local blue hydrangeas, Dutch blue hydrangea, South American white hydrangea, Snow on the Mountain, Lemon leaf (Salal) in a 9" tall gathering vase with a corset wrap.

Helen Olivia Signature Style:
Arrangement #1:  Free Spirit roses, mini green hydrangeas, purple lisianthus, A la mode dahlias, aspidistra leaves and mini green cymbidium orchids in a 4" glass cube.

Arrangement #2:  Versillia roses, white lisianthus and mini green hydrangea in a 3" glass cube.

Intro to Design:
Arrangement #1: Versillia roses, lavender stock, peach (Mozart) calla lilies, mini green hydrangeas and mauve astrantia in a 3x4x6" glass rectangle.

Arrangement #2: Orange pin cushion protea, yellow mimosa, aspidistra leaves, seeded eucalyptus, and yellow cymbidium orchids in a 5" glass square.

Marvelous Mini:
Assorted roses, lisianthus and mini green hydrangeas in a 3" cube.

Mother's Day:
In a footed glass bowl, Festiva Maxima peonies, local lilac, local viburnum, Solomon's Seal, clematis and alchimella. 

Large Scale Arrangement:  Grand Design
White dendrobium orchids, South American white hydrangeas, mini green hydrangeas,
Tibet roses, Bells of Ireland, Aralia leaves and Festiva Maxima peonies in a 9" clear Lomey dish on top of 5"x18" tall glass cylinder.
Large Scale Arrangement:  Modern Design
White hybrid delphinium, white carnations, mini white calla lilies, bear grass and steel grass with river rocks, 8x2x6 rectangle, 15x4x4 square vase and 3" oasis ball.
Power of Color:
Arrangement #1:  Lavender hybrid delphinium, local blue/green hydrangeas, lavender lisianthus and aspidistra leaves with curly willow accent in a 3" wide by 9" tall cylinder vase.
Arrangement #2:  Forever Young red roses, mini green hydrangeas, yellow spray roses, Ted's Orange Dahlias and aspidistra leaves in a 5"x5" cylinder with oasis. 

Pretty in Pink:
Arrangement #1: 12" tall cylinder with Geraldine roses, Sarah Bernhardt pink peonies, pink lisianthus and pink ranunculus.

Arrangement #2: Kiko roses, mini green hydrangeas and pink lisianthus in 3" cube.

Pretty Peonies: 
Arrangement #1:   Peonies -- Festiva Maxima (white), Jules Elise (medium pink), Sarah Bernhardt (light pink) and Gardenia Blush, mini green hydrangeas and hosta leaves in a 6" cylinder.

Arrangement #2:  Red Charm or Henry Bockstoe (red) peony, purple lisianthus, and mini green hydrangea in a 3" square.

Red, white and blue:
Arrangement #1:  Blue South American hydrangeas, Forever Young roses, mini green hydrangeas, aspidistra leaves, white lisianthus and a gloriosa lily in a 5" x 5" glass cylinder.

Arrangement #2:  White South American hydrangeas, Forever Young roses, mini green hydrangea, blue hybrid delphinium, aspidistra leaves, kangaroo or steel grass and gloriosa lilies in a 10.5" tall rolled edge cylinder.

Romance and Roses:
Arrangement #1:  Free Spirit roses (coral), Orange Unique roses, Kiko (hot pink)  roses, Finesse(peach) roses in a 5" glass cylinder.

Arrangement #2:  Either Freedom or Forever Young red roses with aspidistra leaves and kangaroo grass in a 4"x12" tall cylinder.

Sensational Centerpieces:
Arrangement #1: Curly Willow and Bomb (purple) dendrobium orchids in an Eiffel tower vase.
Arrangement #2: Gift box from Hallmark with a small iglu, yellow spray roses, purple lisianthus, yellow spray roses and mini green hydrangeas with seeded eucalyptus.

Sensational Succulents:
Arrangement #1:
In an angel vine and preserved moss basket -- succulents, umbrella fern, aspidistra and reindeer moss

Arrangement #2:
White hydrangeas, Escimo roses, mini green hydrangeas and a succulent in a 4" glass cube.

Spring in Bloom:
Arrangement #1:  Esperance (white/pink) or Sandy Femma (butter) roses, mini green hydrangeas, tulips (Cilesta), pink hyacinth, aspidistra leaves, hellobores, ranunculus and lisianthus in a 4x4x7" tall square.
Arrangement #2:  Blooming Quince or Pink Cherry branches, green cymbidium orchids and aspidistra leaves in a 5" low square.

Sunny Sunflowers:
Arrangement #1:  Black eye sunflowers, mini green hydrangeas, umbrella fern and pittosporum in a 5" cylinder.

Arrangement #2:  Teddy bear sunflowers, mini green hydrangeas, lemon leaf and burlap ribbon in a mason jar.

Three Sided Design:
Blue South American hydrangeas, mini green hydrangeas, white dendrobium orchids, white snapdragons, Bells of Ireland in an 8"x8" cylinder.

Totally Tulips:
The varieties were -- Orange Princess, Monte Carlo (yellow), Honeymoon (white) frilly, Columbus (pink/white), Foxtrot (light pink) and Libretto Parrot with curly willow and bear grass in an 8" bubble bowl. 

Twigs and Things:
Arrangement #1:  3.5" x 6" tall glass cylinder, seeded eucalyptus, brown mini cymbidium orchids, aspidistra leaves, variegated pittosporum and curly willow.
Arrangement #2:  5"x5" glass cylinder with ribbon wrap, local red/green hydrangeas, seeded eucalyptus, scabiosa pods, birch branches, mossed dried lotus pods and green trachelium.

Underwater Marvels:
Mini green cymbidium orchids, metallic wire, sea glass and a 4" floating candle in a 4x12" tall cylinder.
Wonderful Whites:
White South American hydrangea, eucaris lilies, Polo roses, white freesia, white mini calla lilies, mini green hydrangeas, bouvardia, nerine lilies, phaleanopsis orchids and aralia foliage.